Oknytt on Steam Architectural visualization Product demonstration 3D Models 3D Characters Pixel art 2D Concept art

Oknytt on Steam

Oknytt is available at a 20% discount on Steam until the 11th of April 2014, get your copy today at 3,99€!

Architectural visualization

Accurately visualize architectural structures, product lines and interior design.

Product demonstration

Promote your product and its features in visually striking promotional videos and pictures.

3D Models

Detailed models of everything from weapons for your next game to demonstration models of your next product.

3D Characters

Add life to your project with real-time or high-resolution characters.

Pixel art

Custom tilesets & animations tailored for your application.

2D Concept art

Lay a solid foundation for your project by having us flesh out your unique ideas.

Nemoria Entertainment is a Video Game Consultant and Game Developer based in Karlshamn, Sweden.
We offer the following services:

Game development

Games for mobile devices, web and PC, either completely in-house or as part of your development team.

3D models

High- or low-resolution models and textures for your project, optimized for your real-time or offline renderer in order to make your product look its best.


Illustrations of your vision in 2D or 3D, be it you’re in need of 2D concept art, promotional art or photo-realistic renders.


Optimized, thoroughly commented and functional code for your application or game engine.